A Lot of Lying Involved -- a lot of DeceptionAaron LangfordAho
Alex BrekkeAmanda FrickleAustin Stevens
Baylee EnglandBecca DeMeyerBenjamin Losinski
Beverly SittonBrandon SnedigarBrent Zundel
Bryce PeeryBryce RoweBuá
Caitlin McRaeCam WiestChani Nava
Chelsea CarlChilíaChris Aaby
Christopher ZimnyCole StanekColin McRae
Connor FeldkampConnor HinttCut Any Bargain, Make Any Deal
DakáakeDaron AslesonDavid
Don't Think Some People Really Know What's Going OnDrew SkipperDustin Vap
Edda Christina MarwedeEmily FeddesEmily Spang
Eva PickettEverybody Has an Idol Except MeEverything is Gray Right Now
Finale Part One: The Game's Still OnFinale Part Two: The Game's Still OnFred Petsch
Garret MeierGrant RydquistGreg Bush
He Needs to Realize That I've Got the PowerHeiko401 Survivor WikiHeiko Reality
Hidden Immunity IdolHolly SinnemaHow Does It Feel to Be Literally a Tool?
Hunter GerthHíssheI'm Gonna Puke
I'm Not Stupid. Have a Nice LifeI'm Not Sure Who to Trust AnymoreI Don't Think I'll Ever Do This Again in My Life
I Gotta Take It One Step At a TimeI Might Have To ConformI Understand If You Can't Trust Me
I Wasn't Expecting Any of ThatIf I Can't Help Them, I Can't Help ThemIikukkui
In the End, This is Just a GameIt's Going To Be OkayIt's Just A Big Power Play We Gotta Do
It's Not Going to HitIt's Not Like a Popularity Contest. It's SurvivorItchúupe
J.J. CarrollJalapaoJan Bents
JelksJenni ZundelJennifer Hoff
Jesus Jokes Aren't Funny!Jillian BurganJohn Refling
Jonah FrichtlJordan MatneyJordan McNea
Julia RubiaKassity NeibauerKellen Wartnow
Kiah AbbeyKidnappingKuna
Kyle HalstvedtKyle ShuckLauren Marsh
Leaf GreenLoco FouLuke Geiken
Macayla CrossMadi MillerMaggie Russell
Martha KrebillMass ChaosMegan Mullowney
MekaMichael StanleyMichaela Shuck
Mongoose Strikes the SnakeMyra NurreNice Doesn't Really Cut It
Not as Easy as it Was the First Time AroundNow the Game's Shaken UpParis Keyshae
PatrickPatrick TatePaul Asleson
Rachel TemmeRyan BradySara
Sarah HaugseShandy LemperléShúa
Sigrid McLeanSimon PetersSkylar Sullivan
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